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GetGlue Review: What Is GetGlue?

Check In On GetGlue to Get Stickers

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For those people who consider themselves to be movie buffs, television junkies, video gamers or music fans, GetGlue would be a fantastic new platform for sharing anything in entertainment.

If you're already at all familiar with Foursquare, you should have no problem understanding how GetGlue works. GetGlue is almost identical to Foursquare, except while Foursquare has its users to check in to locations and venues, GetGlue users actually check in to things like movies, TV shows, sporting events, games and so on.

Sign Up For a GetGlue Account

You can sign up for a free GetGlue account. Visit GetGlue.com to get started, or download the mobile GetGlue apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. All you need is a valid email address, a username and a password to get started.

Check In On GetGlue

Checking in is as easy as searching for the movie, TV show or event that you're currently watching. Although the user interfaces for GetGlue.com and the all the mobile apps will differ slightly, most of them include the same features and are fairly intuitive to use. Here are the general options that are displayed after you choose the "Check-in" tab:

Watching TV: Use this to find any television shows, news specials or sporting events.

Watching a Movie: Search for the movie you are watching either at home or at the theatre. If you've configured your Foursquare account to GetGlue, you can also check-in to movie theatre locations through GetGlue, if applicable.

Listening to: Search for an artist or the title of a podcast.

Reading: Search for titles of books, magazines, newspapers and so on.

Playing: Search for video games, board games, card games and so on.

Thinking about: Let your friends know what's on your mind by searching for a particular activity, celebrity, food or drink.

Collect Rewards With GetGlue Stickers

As you continue to check in to different entertainment events, you will be rewarded with specific stickers related to your check-ins and overall GetGlue activity. Stickers are displayed on your profile and offer you a fun way to show your followers and friends what types of entertainment you really like.

Since GetGlue has partnered up with several other companies, some stickers you earn also act as coupons, discounts or free items. If you are eligible for an incentive deal from earning specific stickers, you should be notified by email.

Connect With Friends and Using Your Stream

After signing up for your GetGlue account, you will be asked to use your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and even email to connect with friends within your network who are already on GetGlue.

When you click on a person's profile, you should see a display picture, short description, stickers in the sidebar and activity stream in the middle of the page.

Although every user has a personal activity stream displayed on their personal profiles, you also have an account stream that shows all of the activity of the friends you follow. You can see what your friends are doing or watching and discover new entertainment events that you can tune in to and enjoy as well.

Become a GetGlue Guru

Just like Foursquare users who can become "Mayors" of a venue by checking in there more than anyone else, GetGlue users can become "Gurus" by checking in to an entertainment events.

You can earn Guru status when your activity for a specific entertainment event surpasses the activity of all other users. Each event or item can only have one Guru. When you obtain your Guru status, you'll gain special privileges for that specific item. For example, you will be able to edit information including display pictures or descriptions, and you'll even be able to recommend additional items like books or related television shows.

GetGlue Guide Review: Is It Worth It?

Social media enthusiasts and entertainment lovers of all ages can easily get hooked on GetGlue. The mobile apps make it easier than ever to check in and share what you're doing. GetGlue was named the Breakout Startup of the Year for the 2011 Mashable Awards as voted by its users.

If you're interested, give it a try. It's free and you have absolutely nothing to lose. Sign up for your free account at GetGlue.com.

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