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The Viral Video Chart

The Number One Site for Discovering Popular Video Content

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Some of the most interesting videos seem to pop out of nowhere and can rack up millions of views online overnight. Unruly Media is the king of viral video news, offering video junkies the most current viral video rankings to discover, share and enjoy on its Viral Video Chart.

Shared video content is more popular than ever these days, with over 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute. Given that YouTube is the most popular video sharing website on the web and only six years old, there is a great deal of potential for virtually any type of video content to go viral.

What Is the Viral Video Chart?

Unruly Media is the web's leading business in social video advertising. Besides discovering great video on social media sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter, the viral video chart is the number one source for finding the next big thing in online video.

The Viral Video Chart is the web's biggest and most comprehensive database of online video content, which is syndicated to a number of popular media sites like Contagious Magazine, The Guardian, the IAB, TVGuide, Sky and CurrentTV.

Discovering Video Content

The Viral Video Chart makes it as easy as possible to find great video content. You can apply a number of different filters to rank videos according to specific time periods or according to how people are sharing them.

Top 20: By default, the viral video chart lists the top 20 viral videos for the past 24 hours. Videos are listed in chronological order from 1 to 20 and displayed as you scroll down the page. Thumbnails and titles are also included.

Top 100: As an alternative to the default top 20 list, you can look at the top 100 viral videos instead. Watch less popular videos move up and down the chart over time and broaden your discovery with a larger variety.

All, Facebook or blogs: Choose to view video rankings according to Facebook sharing, blog sharing or combined sharing filters.

24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 365 days, or all time: The viral video chart gives you a lot of time period options for viewing their video rankings, allowing you to see the top viral videos on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or all time basis.

Share statistics: When you click on any video on the viral video chart, you should notice a sidebar displaying how many Facebook shares, Twitter tweets and Blogger posts were made. A pie chart is shown with a percentage breakdown of which languages dominate the sharing statistics for the particular video. A line graph can also be found underneath each video displaying shares over time.

Featured Charts

Unruly Media doesn’t just give you one chart to look at. They give you the opportunity to view several different featured viral video charts in collaboration with other major media websites.

Viral Video Chart: This is Unruly Media’s main chart, which is the largest on the web.

Mashable Global Ads Chart: This chart is a collaboration between both Unruly Media and popular social media blog, Mashable. The chart displays social video ranked by how many times they are shared on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and posted on blogs.

BuzzFeed Video Chart: Unruly Media also collaborates with BuzzFeed, a social posting website that detects viral content. On the BuzzFeed video chart, videos are ranked in accordance to how many BuzzFeed users or partners submitted the video and how many times the video is shared on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere.

Guardian Video Chart: Unruly Media partners with UK based news site The Guardian to post viral video on the blog. Viral videos are posted on a weekly basis every Friday within a blog post.

IABUK Ads Chart: The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Unruly Media put together the UK Ads Chart, which looks at branded video content that is produced or distributed within the UK. Videos are ranked based on the number of times they are shared by bloggers, on Facebook and on Twitter.

FR Ads Chart: Branded video content in French is compiled by Unruly Media and ranked according to their social sharing statistics to create the FR Ads Chart. Entertaining French commercials and advertisements can be found here.

Football FanCast Videos: Unruly Media and FootballFanCast.com collaborate to deliver some of the funniest, shocking and extraordinary European football videos. This is a great resource for fans and sports video junkies who like to keep up with the best moments in football.

Memes, Brands and the Viral Video Chart Blog

The Viral Video Chart packs a strong multimedia punch to their site with a few extra sections. These sections are great for discovering other videos in a particular category or for catching up on something that was previously popular at a certain time.

Memes: Under the “Memes” page, you can find a list of links to previously viral videos that were passed electronically from one Internet user to another on a massive scale and short period of time. These videos became so popular and widely shared that they became elements of Internet culture, otherwise known as Internet memes.

Brands: The “Brands” page lists links to popular videos that were created by companies to promote a product or service, or to be aired on television. Some of the branded video topics include finance, technology, travel, gaming and food & beverages.

Blog: The Viral Video Chart blog keeps you up to date with current news in video, along with a bunch of interesting and informative facts. The blog is updated with new posts several times a day with new articles and video content.

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