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Make Your Own Wedding Website With Wedding Window

Wedding Window Is Your Online Wedding Planner

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There are social networking tools for everything these days, including weddings. Why do it the old fashioned way when you can keep everyone up to speed on the planning process with your very own customized wedding website? Wedding Window can help you get organized so that everything goes smoothly before the big day arrives.

What Is Wedding Window?

Wedding Window is a website building platform designed specifically for wedding planning. Unlike generic free webhosts and blog platforms, Wedding Window offers a variety of specific planning tools and features that couples can use to digitalize their planning process and let their guests know about upcoming events or announcements.

Why Should You Make a Wedding Website?

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Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of building a website, but by using Wedding Window’s intuitive content management system, you can share your wedding information easily with guests, save time and money, reduce your impact on the earth by communicating electronically and manage all of you wedding details in one convenient place. Essentially, Wedding Window sites give you the opportunity to take planning your wedding to a more modernized level with their unique management system, twenty-first century style.

Wedding Window Site Features

Here are some of the great features you can expect to get from Wedding Window when you sign up for a free or premium account.

Free planning tools: As a basic member, you gain access to a variety of their web tools for free.

Step-by-step wizard: Even if you’re a little a little unfamiliar with computer technology, Wedding Window has tutorials, demos and videos you can use to walk you through each and every section.

Customizable themes: Choose from one of many beautiful weddings layouts to display your wedding information on the web for everyone to see. You can also use their photos and customize your fonts and colors however you like.

Site security: Wedding Window has multiple levels of password protection to ensure that your personal information is kept secure at all times.

Unlimited features and apps: There are no limits to how may photos you can upload, how many pages you want or how many apps you want to use.

Help and support: If you ever have a question or concern, the Wedding Window team is there to help you get everything figured out as quickly as possible.

Budget tracker: Wedding Window’s unique budget tool allows you to see where you need to allocate your funds and helps you establish an allowance for each separate component.

Events: Plan your Jack & Jill celebrations, bachelorette parties or honeymoon vacations with the event planner.

Vendors: Use this tool to enter and compare potential vendors you plan on working with during the wedding planning process.

Checklist: Keep track of your wedding-related tasks and check them off digitally as you complete them.

Reminders: Plan out when you need specific tasks to be done and have them displayed in your calendar. You can also have your reminders automatically sent to your email.

Personal journal: Write down any thoughts or messages using the journal tool so you can document your progress or do some brainstorming.

Guests: Create and organize your guest list. Wedding Window will even allow you to upload a guest list from an existing file on your computer.

Email blast: Use Wedding Window to send mass messages to your guest list.

Calendar: Keep track of all your checklist items in your calendar, which is also integrated with the reminders tool.

eCards: Choose from a selection of customizable “Save the Date” eCards for making announcements and telling your guests to bookmark your wedding website.

Invitations and gifts: Organize a list of gifts received or thank you notes sent with Wedding Window’s gift planning tool.

Workshops: Before you send anything out to your guest list, you can view your invitations in different templates or choose from a variety of different sample thank you notes.

Wedding Window Site Packages

Wedding Window has six convenient packages to choose from. So whether you’re planning a small wedding or a large wedding, there are a variety of great site options for every couple.

Free: With a free account, you get a 10-day webhosting term, unlimited website features, a limited number of planning tools and 25 MB of video/audio space.

$10.99: This is a monthly web hosting term package. With it, you get unlimited website features, premium planning tools and 25 MB of video/audio space.

$59.00: This is a six-month web hosting package, which gives you everything the $10.99 monthly package gives you but with an extra 25 MB of video/audio space for a total of 50 MB.

$79.00: At 12 full months of web hosting, this is the most popular Wedding Window package. You get everything from the previous packages with an extra 25 MB of video/audio space for a total of 75 MB.

$99.00: For less than $100, you get 18 months of web hosting and unlimited access to all features, including an unlimited amount of space for video and audio storage.

$119.00: This is Wedding Window’s best value package and gives you two full years of web hosting. You get everything unlimited as described in the 18 month-long package plus an included hidden copyright option, which sells for an extra $50 with any other paid package.

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