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What is PairUp?

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PairUp is a social network for frequent business travelers.

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Website: https://www.pairup.com
Alexa Ranking: 3,154,078 (as of 8/12/08)
Description: a business traveler social network
Similar Websites: LinkedIn, XING

PairUp Features

  • Create your own business network
  • Share your travel plans
  • Coordinate meetings
  • Alert colleagues that you are coming to town

What is PairUp?

A twist on the standard business social network, PairUp is designed around organizing business trips by providing the tools needed to coordinate events and meeting, alert colleagues to your arrival, and share your travel plans.

By allowing traveling professionals to share their travel plans, PairUp eliminates the confusion that can happen with changing itineraries and busy schedules.

Why Should I Use PairUp?

PairUp is a great resource for any professional who is a frequent business traveler. It can also be a great tool for businesses that are based around a lot of travel.

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