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What is Flixster?

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What is Flixster?

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Website: http://www.flixster.com
Alexa Ranking: 1,462 (as of 12/12/08)
Description: A social networking website devoted to movies
Similar Websites: Last.FM, IMDB

Flixster Features

  • Create your own custom profile
  • Rate and review movies
  • Find out your movie 'soul mates' based on movie preferences
  • Share pictures and video clips

What is Flixster?

Founded in January, 2006, Flixster is a social network devoted to movies and actors. Along with being able to add friends and discuss movies, members can utilize their extensive free database on movies and actors.

Flixster is also able to recommend friends based on similar tastes in movies. This is accomplished by rating movies and having those ratings compared to others who have also rated enough movies.

Why Should I Use Flixster?

Flixster is great for anyone who enjoys movies, and a must-have-bookmarked website for anyone who fancies themselves a movie buff. Along with being able to rate and review movies, there are extensive quizzes that users can take to test their movie knowledge, and you can even create your own quizzes.

So, whether you love watching Die Hard over and over again, or Fried Green Tomatoes is more your style, Flixster can keep you entertained and help you decide if that new movie at the theaters is worth your time or is going to be a bust.

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 5 out of 5
Brother Bear, Member KiyaSapp

Walt Disney Pictures “Brother Bear”, is an animated adventure with lots of fun parts, seriousness, and full of love. Brother Bear has lots of bright colors, wonderful music by “Phil Collins, Tina Turner”, and more. It’s a wonderful movie from beginning to the end. My children and I loved it. It lead us on a remarkeble, spiritual journey with the views of a Native American boy similar to the views the Indigenous believe in.

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