1. Technology
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What is Loopt?

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Loopt is a mobile social network

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Website: http://www.loopt.com/
Alexa Ranking: 74,783 (as of 1/21/09)
Description: A mobile social network
Similar Websites: Dodgeball, Mozes, Peepsnation

Loopt Features

  • Post your pictures
  • Recommend locations and events
  • Share your location
  • Be alerted when friends are nearby

What is Loopt?

Loopt is aiming at being the social compass of the Web 2.0 world. It points you in the right social direction by letting you know when your friends are nearby and telling you what's going on around your current location.

Why Should I Use Loopt?

Anyone that wants to be connected to the social scene in their area and always be able to find out where the party is located or what's hot in their current area of town.

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