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What is MySpace?

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What is MySpace?

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Website: http://www.myspace.com/
Alexa Ranking: 7 (as of 12/12/08)
Description: A general-interest social networking website
Similar Websites: Facebook, Hi5, Ning

MySpace Features

  • Create your own custom profile and show your personality through widgets
  • Add Friends and leave comments on their profiles
  • Join groups and enter discussions

What is MySpace?

MySpace is a social networking website targeted at a general audience. Launched in 2003, it became one of the most visited websites in the world within a few years. With almost a billion visits per month, MySpace is the most popular social network.

Utilizing a system of adding friends to your network, the ability to customize your profile, write blog entries, play favorite mp3 tracks, join groups and enter discussions, MySpace allows users to interact in a way unparalleled before its emergence.

Why Should I Use MySpace?

The most compelling reason to join MySpace is for fun. There are many avenues towards entertainment on the social network including browsing through musician profiles and exploring areas dedicated to television shows or movies.

But MySpace isn't just for fun anymore. Many businesses maintain MySpace profiles in order to use the social media site as a form of marketing.

For musicians, actors, authors, entrepreneurs, and others that maintain a public image, a MySpace profile can be a very important connection to fans.

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