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What is LinkedIn?

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What is Linkedin?

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Website: http://www.linkedin.com
Alexa Ranking: 190 (as of 12/16/08)
Description: A social network for business professionals.
Similar Websites: Ryze

LinkedIn Features

  • Set up a profile and maintain a list of connections
  • Search for jobs recommended by your contact network
  • Review potential employers and find out what connections you may have with the employer

What is LinkedIn?

Linkedin is a business-oriented social network dedicated to helping professionals maintain a list of connections. These connections can then be used to find a job, find out more about potential employers including which of you contacts might be able to refer you, and fill your own job vacancies through the social network.

Launched in 2003, Linkedin also launched a mobile version of the social network in 2008.

Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

Linkedin is the perfect website for the freelancer who is constantly on the lookout for new job opportunities. Job seekers will also find the social network a boon to their hunt. By forming a wide array of connections, you are able to utilize those connections in the job hunt.

Linkedin is also great for those looking to fill job vacancies, especially people in job recruitment or human resource positions.

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