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10 Weird & Funny Tumblr Blogs You Should Follow

You Won't Believe Some of These Hilarious Tumblr Blog!


The web is a place where weirdness thrives. When it comes to browsing through all the stuff that gets posted on Tumblr, some of the content and blog themes have a tendency to reveal a whole new level of weirdness to us. Some of the most bizarre GIFs and photos get reblogged by thousands of users, many of which make absolutely no sense at all. But hey, they’re funny and weird, so why not?

Whether you’re new to Tumblr and need a few blog suggestions to follow or if you’re a seasoned Tumblr addict, then get ready for this. Here are ten of the weirdest, funniest, craziest Tumblr blogs that will blow you away.

1. Ugly Renaissance Babies

Ugly Renaissance Babies

Tumblr is a great place for people to post, share and appreciate great art. For others, it’s also a great place to ridicule art. Having said that, the art posted on this particular Ugly Renaissance Babies Tumblr blog kind of deserves the judgemental attention it’s been able to attract. After taking one look at these classic paintings from history, it’s hard not to stop and wonder what exactly the painter was seriously thinking at the time.

2. Breaded Cats

Breaded Cats
Screenshot of BreadedCats.com

Step aside, LOLcats, there’s a new Internet cat trend and it’s got weird written all over it. It seems that a creative cat owner decided it would be worthwhile to cut a hole out of a slice of bread, stick it around their cat’s face and take a picture. Of course, now everybody’s doing it. You can do the same and submit your own breaded cat photo to be featured on the blog.

3. Fake Science

Fake Science
Screenshot of FakeScience.Tumblr.com

For every lazy student that never really aced biology, chemistry or physics in high school--this Tumblr blog is for you. Whoever runs this blog needs to be given some serious credit for putting together these vintage-style graphics and bizarrely hilarious explanations from science, "for when the facts are too confusing."

4. Texts from Bennett

Texts from Bennett
Screenshot of TextsFromBennett.Tumblr.com

This Tumblr blog practically blew up overnight. The story goes like this: someone set up a Tumblr blog so he could post all the ridiculous iPhone text conversations he had with his cousin Bennett, a rebellious kid with a pretty obvious hatred for autocorrect and a priceless personality. Within a couple of weeks or so, they were selling t-shirts and the blog was trending on some of the biggest sites that cover viral trends. If that's not surprising enough, they even have a free iPhone app you can download.

5. Hungover Owls

Hungover Owls
Screenshot of HungoverOwls.Tumblr.com

Owls aren’t often considered to be the cutest or funniest looking in the animal kingdom, but when you snap a photo of one in mid-blinking mode, you get some pretty hilarious results. Some of these owls look like they’re winking at you, others just look plain intoxicated. If you’re an animal lover and want a good laugh, be sure to check out this popular Tumblr blog.

6. Awkward Stock Photos

Awkward Stock Photos
Screenshot of AwkwardStockPhotos.com

This may or may not have been inspired by the extremely popular Awkward Family Photos site. Who knew there were so many strange stock photos out there? And they actually cost money to use! It makes you wonder what kind of companies might buy them and what markets or clients the photographers were trying to reach. Yikes.

7. Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
Screenshot of SelleckWaterfallSandwich.Tumblr.com

Put three totally unrelated things together and what do you get? A popular Tumblr blog, of course. This blog has some interesting art that always features some kind of waterfall scenery, actor Tom Selleck and a sandwich all nicely Photoshopped in there somehow. It makes no sense whatsoever, but people love it.

8. Accidental Chinese Hipsters

Accidental Chinese Hipsters
Screenshot of AccidentalChineseHipsters.Tumblr.com

Tumblr has its fair share of blogs run by hipsters, but who knew there were actual people (Asian people in particular for this blog) who dress like hipsters and act completely oblivious about it when they go out in public? Nobody actually realizes that these things exist, and maybe that’s why this blog is so awesome to look at.

9. Lonely Cheetos

Lonely Cheetos
Screenshot of LonelyCheetos.Tumblr.com

Apparently there’s an audience that enjoys browsing through a series of riveting photos of Cheetos that get lost on the floor, on the street or wherever. This blog shows nothing but pictures of lost, lonely Cheetos. If you find a lost Cheeto near you (or strategically place a single one on the floor), you can take a photo of it and submit it to the Lonely Cheeto Tumblr blog. Why? Who knows.

10. Moustair

Screenshot of Moustair.Tumblr.com

This is a great one, and you’ll probably notice the superb Photoshopping skills that come along with the content on this blog. Moustair takes photos of people (men) with moustaches and then stitches together a copy of the face into their moustaches as if it’s coming out of his head of hair, which looks absolutely ridiculous. It's not a moustache, it's not hair, it's a moustair. Go take a look at the Moustair Tumblr blog and see for yourself!

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