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10 Top YouTubers Who Are Famous on YouTube

A List of People Who Found Fame Online


Since it first debuted in 2005, YouTube has exploded on the web and has even created brand new career opportunities for people. Top YouTube users have made full-time jobs out of YouTube, creating unique content for their channels and earning shared revenue through the YouTube Partner program, sponsorships from third parties and selling merchandise.

In a way, most top YouTubers are considered celebrities by their viewers. Some have millions of subscribers and make a very good living from all the traffic their channels generate.

Here are ten individuals that found fame on YouTube.

1. Ray William Johnson

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I remember watching RWJ back in his early days, even before he had 500,000 subscribers. As of November 2012, he has over 6 million YouTube subscribers. He is the number one YouTuber of all time, and runs a show called Equals Three, where he reviews and comments on popular viral videos. He’s sort of like the Internet version of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

2. Nigahiga

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Once the reigning king of YouTube with the most subscribed channel, Ray William Johnson eventually pushed Nigahiga out of the number one spot to number two. The channel is run by Ryan Higa—a native Hawaiian who creates funny skits and parody videos based on a wide variety of situations. He always screams “TEEHEE” at the end of each video.

3. Epic Meal Time

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The group of guys who run this channel spend hundreds of dollars on grocery supplies every week for their weekly video, and then use all that food to cook up a different monstrosity (usually made almost entirely of meat) in the kitchen before stuffing their faces with it. Their signature ingredients include bacon and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

4. Shane Dawson

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Shane Dawson has fallen slightly on the top YouTuber list, but still manages to entertain his huge audience with his hilarious videos. Although a little more inappropriate and vulgar than some of the others, Shane has made directing and professional editing a big part of his videos. He films himself playing characters like “Shananay” and “Aunt Hilda,” which are just two of his iconic personalities that appear like they’re interacting with one another in the videos.

5. Michelle Phan

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Michelle Phan is one of YouTube’s most renowned makeup artists. She has some of the most creative makeover videos you can find. Her editing is also very professional, and she takes you through every motion, step by step to getting the perfect look. She’s actually sponsored by some of the biggest cosmetic companies, like Lancôme and others.

6. Mystery Guitar Man

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Mystery Guitar Man a.k.a. Joe Penna is a talented musician and music producer who films and records himself playing conventional instruments like guitars and keyboards with sometimes unconventional instruments like cans and sticks. He then takes that footage and edits it to show himself playing one big song with so many different instruments. I can only imagine how much time he must spend on editing.

7. Vsauce

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The Vsauce channel is run by a very bright guy named Michael, who explains some of the weirdest stuff to his viewers according to science. If Ray William Johnson is the Internet version of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Vsauce is most definitely the Internet version of Bill Nye The Science Guy. His videos like “Why Do We Have Two Nostrils” and “What Color Is A Mirror” aren’t just entertaining—they’re also very educational.


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Although not quite as popular as some of the others, ShayCarl has made a career out of filming home videos of his family for years, and sticking them up on YouTube. His family, called “the Shaytards” features one of the closest and most loving families you might ever see, consisting of four adorable children and two very charismatic parents. The videos often run over 10 minute in length and are posted daily.

9. Philip DeFranco

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Philip DeFranco has a daily news show that features him talking about whatever’s making news for the day. His style is completely different from any regular newscaster or TV journalist, and he often makes jokes, throws in his own blunt opinion and drops f-bombs pretty frequently. In short, it’s a news show for the younger generation that wants to stay informed but can’t be bothered to watch the 6 o’clock news every day.

10. iJustine

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Justine Ezarik is a quirky girl with a hardcore obsession for technology and Apple products in particular. She makes videos and talks directly to her viewers about all kinds of topics or any major events that might be happening at the moment. Her videos are pretty funny and sometimes showcase her acting and directing skills in small skits or music videos. She’s been a top YouTuber for years and only keeps getting better!

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