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What is Yoono?

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Website: http://www.yoono.com
Monthly Traffic: N/A visitors (as of *)
Description: a web browser plug-in
Similar Websites: FriendFeed

Yoono Features

  • View updates and check friend requests on your social networks from a browser toolbar
  • Universally update your social networks with your status
  • Discover new sites as you browse the web
  • Drag and drop photos and videos from different sites

What is Yoono?

Yoono is a web browser plug-in that acts as a social aggregator by gathering social networking information and keeping it in one place.

Beyond just displaying status information, Yoono will allow the user to instantly chat with any friend across multiple networks, quickly and easily maintain their social networks, receive live updates from friends and discover new websites.

Why Should I Use Yoono?

Yoono acts as a universal remote for social networks and is a great addition for anyone who finds themselves juggling multiple social networks and struggling to maintain them.

By bringing them all together under an easy-to-use toolbar, Yoono will allow you to do less maintaining and more socializing.

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