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Yahoo Profile - What is Yahoo?


Yahoo Profile:

Website: http://www.yahoo.com

Alexa Ranking: 1 (as of 3/17/2008)

Description: A popular web portal and search engine

Similar Websites: Google, MSN

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Yahoo Features

  • The second most popular search engine
  • Comprehensive news portal featuring world news, local news, sports, finance, and more
  • Targeted portals for autos, real estate, finance, sports, gaming, and many other subjects
  • Create your own customized version through MyYahoo.

What is Yahoo?:

Yahoo regularly posts a number one ranking on Alexa which makes it the most popular web destination in the world. Yahoo started in 1994 as a list of favorite sites on the web kept by Jerry Yang and David Filo, and grew into one of the most popular search engines in the world.

With its growth, Yahoo expanded into a full-fledged web portal providing news and information on variety of subjects including world news, local news, weather, autos, real estate, finance, sports, music, television, and much more.

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