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9 Free GIF Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

Create Your Own Animated Images Fast and Easily


Did you know that you can make your own animated images with one of the many free GIF maker apps available for your iPhone or Android, and then share them instantly?

Animated GIF images have become wildly popular in places on the web like Tumblr and Reddit, but if you’re not too keen on creating them manually (or simply don't know how), you can download one of the many useful free apps to simplify the process and save time.

Here’s a list of 9 great and free GIF maker apps you can get started with right away on your iPhone and/or Android.

1. Gifboom

GifBoom logo
Gifboom is one of the most popular GIF maker apps and houses a ton of great features. You can actually snap photos through the app or import ones already on your phone, use the front or back facing camera and apply filters similar to Instagram. Once your animated photo is ready, you can easily share it on social media. Gifboom is available both for iPhone and Android.

2. Cinemagram

Although similar to a GIF, a Cinemagram photo is actually a “stunning hybrid between photo and video.” You can animate small sections of your photo, such as a hand waving or the pages of a book turning. While the rest of the photo stands still, only the portion of your choice is animated with movement. Cinmegram is currently available for iPhone only.

3. Gifture

This is another app that has a similar interface to Instagram. You’ll find a nearly identical menu at the bottom along with an Instagram-like selection of photo filters. You can upload photos from your cameraroll and choose from customized playback rates for your animation. Instantly share your newly animated photo to your Gifture stream or to Twitter and Facebook. Gifture is available for iPhone only.

4. Loopcam

Loopcam has a great, easy to use interface that lets you create animated GIFs quickly, even when you’re on the go. If you want lots of parts of your photo to move, Loopcam is probably a better alternative to something like Cinemagram. View your GIF library in grid form and easily share them to social networking sites. Loocamp is available for iPhone only right now.

5. MyFaceWhen

MyFaceWhen is a top app that allows you to record videos through the in-app camera or upload existing ones so you can transform them into GIFs that have high resolution. You can even place them in your text messages. If you want a simple GIF maker app, this may be the one for you. Available for iPhone only.

6. Giffer!

This app has gotten some great reviews, and although the UI looks a bit different than most others, it’s still relatively easy to use and houses a ton of great features with the latest version. It actually still gives you that Instagram feel where you can tap a frame from the bottom of the screen to set the delay or enter cinemagraph mode. Available for iPhone only.

7. Gifantor

There’ve been a lot of apps mentioned here that are for iPhone only, so here’s one for the Android users. Take pictures with just a touch of your finger, easily tweak your animations and share them everywhere online. If you’re an Android user who wants something different from Gifboom, this one might be worth a try.

8. Gif Camera

This app allows you to simply tap your screen and capture frames from the camera in a one by one sequence. To preview your brand new GIF, press the play button to see it move. You can adjust the speed as it plays and hit save when you’re happy with it. Available only for iPhone.

9. Vine

Most people consider Vine to be a mobile video app because it does record sound, unlike the traditional animated GIF image, but if you've seen a Vine video before, you might agree that it looks and feels just like a GIF image. Vine videos can only be a mere six seconds in length, and they continuously play on loop. When they are embedded into a web page or on Twitter, the sound is turned off by default, which you can easily turn on with the click of your mouse.

Different Apps with Different GIF Styles

It may take a few tries before you find a GIF maker app that you like. The subtle movement of Cinemagram, for example, may be ideal for those looking for the smallest artistic touch on an image. Vine, on the other hand, may be the best alternative for people who are highly active on Twitter and enjoy tweeting visual content to their followers.

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