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10 of the Most Expensive Apps You Can Find On iTunes

Be Prepared to Pay Almost $1,000 for Some of These iPhone Apps


Have you ever paid more than $5.00 for an iPhone app? Most people would say no to answer that question. In fact, most prices for bestselling apps on iTunes range from free to $1.99. Some people aren’t even willing to spend the one or two bucks it takes to buy a really great app.

Although apps come pretty cheap, did you have any idea that some apps cost tens or even hundreds of dollars to download on iTunes? Some of the highest priced apps even go as high as $999.99.

Just to pique your interest a little, here are ten of the most expensive apps you can find in the app store.

1. BarMax CA

Barmax CA
BarMax LLC

This is an app that was developed by a team of Harvard lawyers and a few top iPhone developers, which delivers a complete and comprehensive study prep guide for the California bar exam. The app takes up one whole gigabyte of space and comes packed with 1,471 real MBE questions and 100 real essay exams from previous bar exams. There is also a BarMax NY app for the New York edition.

How much does this app cost? $999.99

2. Intuition Control Solo WolfVision

Intuition Control Solo WolfVision
Photo © Desinnova Technologies, Inc.

Designed for the iPad, this app allows you to control WolfVision visualizers, which is basically a high-end projection device. You simply use your visualizer’s IP address to connect to the app so you can use the intuitive interface provided by the app. Essentially, the app is supposed to take away all the complicatedness out of learning and understanding how to operate your visualizer.

How much does this app cost? $999.99

3. The Alchemist SMS

The Alchemist SMS
Photo © B.C. Apps

This app actually has nothing to do with SMS text messaging and everything to do with the steelmaking and scrap metal industry. Put simply, the app provides steel and scrap metal workers with the necessary tools to help them reduce their raw materials costs. The app takes information from the user’s available inventory and uses linear programming techniques to produce customized reports regarding true least cost material selection.

How much does this app cost? $999.99

4. Agro

Photo © EZi APP

Made for agronomists, the Agro app allows users to “visit a client, complete an inspection report, hold the sale of products then move to the next client.” Email paddock/field inspection reports can be created while on any farm or location, where it can then be distributed almost immediately. Essentially, this app helps eliminate time consuming trips to the office to produce reports.

How much does this app cost? $999.99

5. QSFFStats

Photo © B.C. Apps

Designed for flag football, this statistical app allows users to keep track of everything for passing leagues including passing, receiving, yards, scores and interceptions. Users can keep track of multiple lists, set games according to location, fields, dates, or times and upload a play-by-play stats report by email to be analyzed.

How much does this app cost? $999.99

6. MobiGage NDI

MobiGage NDI
Photo © Titansan Engineering Inc.

MobiGage NDI serves as a metrology app for inspecting manufactured parts and assemblies. It creates, edits and runs measurement plans while automating inspection at the same time. The app offers a variety of complex applications related to metrology including design & engineering, first article inspection, part & production inspection, assembly, tool building, quality control and process control.

How much does this app cost? $999.99

7. iRa Pro

iRa Pro
Photo © Lextech Labs

iRa Pro gives users the ability to view and manage high-end surveillance camera installations. Most app users would include those from large enterprises such as corporations, school or governments. Users will be able to view multiple live video feeds using the app directly from cameras with the user of their intuitive touchscreen interface.

How much does this app cost? $899.99

8. KGulf

Photo © Khaled Alsalem

This app acts as “a 2D hydrodynamics prediction model set up for the Arabian Gulf and Kuwait waters.” It has the ability to simulate Arabian Gulf waters from ranging from the year 1975 to 2035, complete with hourly output data. App users have found that it can actually predict tidal currents and water level variations extremely well even with very short simulation timeframes.

How much does this app cost? $499.99

9. LSAT Titan

LSAT Titan
Photo © GMAT Club Community

Hopeful law school students who are studying for the LSAT exams can expect to get 6,300 real LSAT test questions from this app. The interface is intuitive to use and was developed by the creators of the bestselling GMAT prep app. As an added bonus, the app also includes 1,837 explanations for LSAT questions from the 99th percentile of Manhattan LSAT tutors.

How much does this app cost? $499.99

10. DDS GP Yes!

Photo © Kick Your Apps, Inc.

This app was designed for dental professionals with the purpose of helping them to improve the presentation process, communicating dental conditions and explaining patient treatments. It is the number one iPad app for dentists worldwide and helps make treatment plans easy for patients to understand, which can improve business for almost any dental health professional.

How much does this app cost? $499.99

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