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Popular Tags for Instagram

A Roundup of a Few of the Most Widely Used Instagram Hashtags


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Everybody loves Instagram these days, and once you got hooked, it’s hard to stop snapping photos of everything. From your Starbucks coffee mug to your sleeping dog, it seems that anything and everything just looks a whole lot better when it’s on Instagram.

If you’re looking for more followers, likes, comments and overall more interaction on Instagram, tagging your photos is a good way to get users to notice your photos. Lots of users browse keywords using Instagram’s search function, so if you tag your photos with descriptive keywords, they’re more likely to be discovered by other people.

For example, if you tag a photo of your sleeping dog with hashtag #dog in the description of the photo, users browsing through the #dog tag in an Instagram search should see your photo.

They might like it, comment on it or even start following you! If that’s what you want, then here’s a short list of some of the most popular hashtags used on Instagram.

#love: “Love” is the number one most popular hashtag used on Instagram. People can use it for pretty much almost any photo, which is why it’s probably so popular.

#beautiful: With so many great filters that can make an ordinary photo look awesome, “beautiful” is an extremely popular word that is constantly used to describe almost everything on Instagram.

#summer: Summer seems to be the most favored season for all Instagram users. From beach pics to pink and orange sunsets, this tag usually turns up some colorful results.

#cute: So, your dog is sleeping, and you think it’s pretty cute, right? Put it up and Instagram and tag it with #cute! This tag is full of adorable animals, babies and even people.

#me: Instagram is the ultimate social network for vanity. Almost everyone looks good with a photo filter, and it’s just so easy to snap a random photo of yourself and collect likes from you followers.

#girl: Following along with the vanity aspect here, a lot of girls love to use Instagram to take pictures of themselves. Tagging them with #girl is a good way to seek approval from other users.

#tbt: This stands for “Throwback Thursday,” and even though the meaning isn’t really all that clear, most people use it to show a photo from the past or to express some sort of fun activity they’re enjoying on a Thursday.

#IGers: This is another tag that can basically include any picture at all. It stands for “Instagrammers,” and you can pretty much use it for any photo you want to show off.

#instagood: This tag is generally used to describe any photo that a user thinks looks really great, and is really proud about it.

#instacollage: Some users get really creative and combine more than one photo into a collage using another collage-making app before uploading it to Instagram.

#latergram: The latergram tag can be used when you post a photo at a later time, instead of instantly.

#photooftheday: The individual who created this tag chooses a popular photo from this tag group and includes it in an online gallery, kind of like a contest.

#instamood: Feeling sad, happy, angry, confused, or some other emotion? Take a picture of yourself and tag it with #instamood to show people how you’re feeling.

#tweegram: Lots of users use a tool called to simultaneously post an Instagram photo and tweet the photo on Twitter.com, allowing users to enter a 140 character message as well.

#iphoneasia: This tag was originally established for Instagram users in East Asia, but it seems that people from all over the place now submit photos with this popular tag.

#iphoneonly: Since Instagram was opened up to Android users, some have taken to using this tag in order to tell people that the photo was taken with an iPhone.

There are a ton of other popular Instagram tags, but you’ll do pretty well by sticking with these top tags.

If you’d like to see more, top-hashtags.com does a good job at rounding up their top 100 list of popular Instagram tags.

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