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10 Great Bookmarking Tools for the Web

Organize Your Favorite Stories and Read It Later


There’s information all over the web. Consider the following scenario: you come across an enticing article, but you’ve got other things to do before you can get around to reading it. What do you do? Leave it open in your browser? Email the link to yourself?

No, you use your favorite bookmarking tool so you can easily access it later when you have time. But what if you don’t have a favorite bookmarking tool? Well, that’s why we put the following list together featuring some of the best tools on the web today.

1. Instapaper

Instapaper is one of the most popular bookmarking tools on the web today, and one of the best aspects of it is that it’s versatile enough to use on all your devices including your computer, on your Kindle, on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or even on plain white paper. Simply press the “Read Later” button to come back later and read web pages when you have more time.

2. Xmarks

Xmarks is another leading bookmarking tool and works with most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It actually syncs up all your bookmarks with every browser platform between devices, including mobile phones. They also backup your bookmarks on a daily basis for easy recovery.

3. Pocket

Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket allows you to put almost anything directly from your browser and even from other web apps like Twitter, Email, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. Pocket is easy to use even for beginners that have never bookmarked a single page in their lives. You don’t need an Internet connection to read stuff stored in Pocket and they can be viewed from a range of devices including tablets and smartphones.

4. Readability

Readability turns any web page into a clean and simple page that’s ready for viewing at your convenience on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can download it for free to your desktop and there are also iOS and Android apps available. Readability does a great job at cleaning up cluttered pages and really helps simplify your reading experience.

5. Stashmarks

Stashmarks works a little differently than the tools mentioned above. Instead of bookmarking pages for accessing later, it Stashmarks actually keeps them organized for you. It indexes each of your bookmarks and makes them searchable, which is extremely convenient if you have a lot of them. The bookmark organizing site is currently in beta.

6. Shortmarks

The Shortmarks tool lets you sync your bookmark keywords from search engines across various devices and web browsers without ever needing to install an extension. Shortmarks has you store your data via your Google Account, so when you’re signed in, all of your search engine keywords can be customized and then you can change the default search engine of your chosen browser to Shortmarks. Type something in the address bar and Shortmarks does the rest by automatically detecting your keywords.

7. Find My Bookmarks

This is a Chrome extension that is useful for people that bookmark a lot of stuff and forget all about it. Find my Bookmarks gives you fast access to a menu that displays all of the bookmarks to any site you’re visiting. While on any site, simply look for the bookmarked icon that appears in the URL bar so you can access those related bookmarked pages.

8. Pinterest

If you’re into more visual content and love collecting photos, you need to be on Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to create as many organized pinboards as you want so you can easily post images to them. All you have to do is download the Pinterest toolbar button so you can pin anything you stumble across while web browsing. Just hit “Pin It” and the tool pulls all the images from the web page so you can start pinning.

9. Chill

Chill is actually Pinterest for videos. YouTube actually allows you to create Playlists and add videos to your Favorites, but if you want a more organized video bookmarking experience, Chill may be worth checking out. Like Pinterest, you can create “Collections” and name them according to themes. The layout of the site is similar to Pinterest and you can download their bookmarklet tool to make posting videos to Chill from around the web easy as pie.

10. Delicious

Delicious has been around for longer than most of the bookmarking tools mentioned above. It’s simple and it works. You can collect and share stuff easily while also gaining the opportunity to dig through bookmarks kept by people within the community. As with most bookmarking tools, it’s free to sign up and you can organize all your pages by category so you can enjoy them again and again.

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