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How to Get Started With Personalized Start Pages


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What are Personalized Start Pages?

Personalized Start Pages are websites designed to allow you to customize them however you want. They are often used to replace the home page of the web browser.

The goal of a personalized start page is to take multiple tasks that you would ordinarily carry out on different websites and put them all in the same place. The start page can display the news for you, read blogs, check the mail, and let you search the web.

Getting started with personalized start pages is relatively simple and can be broken down into two basic tasks: adding content, and rearranging that content on the page.

In this guide, we will cover adding content to your personalized start page, arranging that content on your custom start page, creating a personalized start page geared towards being a home office, and deciding whether or not your personalized start page has to be the home page in your browser.

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