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A Review of Webwag

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The Bottom Line

Webwag is one of the newer entries into the personalized start page world. It still has some kinks to work out, but it is off to a good start. It has a very slick interface, and the Widget On Demand feature allows you to capture a piece of your favorite web pages without knowing anything about programming.

The drag-and-drop interface is simple to use, and it has multiple tabs to organize your page. A new feature even allows you to send content to a mobile phone version of your start page.


  • Easy to use.
  • Use it without even signing up.
  • Widget On Demand lets you capture the information you want to see.


  • Can send content to mobile version, but cannot remove it.
  • Not as much content as some other personalized start pages.


  • Easy to use with a slick interface.
  • Widget On Demand makes it very flexible.
  • Send widgets to your mobile site.

Guide Review - A Review of Webwag

Webwag is off to a very promising start. While some start pages are plain and even downright ugly the first time you use them forcing you to dig into the templates section to protect your eyes, Webwag defaults to a pretty slick interface. Instead of digging into the templates for my first task, I was moving widgets around and looking for new content.

The coolest feature of Webwag is Widget On Demand. One problem I experience with personalized start pages is that the sources I use for news are not always offered forcing me to use a custom feed to get my news. This does the trick, but can end up a little ugly. Webwag gives the user the ability to type in any feed and add it to the site, but it also offers the Widget On Demand service.

With Widget On Demand, you type in the address of any website. Webwag then displays a preview of the website and invites you to highlight the section you want to capture. You can then add this section to your start page. This allows for a lot of flexibility and customization.

Currently, the number of feeds and gadgets offered by Webwag is limited. Hopefully, this will grow in time. But, with the Widget On Demand feature, you can easily overcome the lack of gadgets by capturing websites.

Another nice feature was the ability to send widgets to the mobile version of the page. However, you cannot remove widgets, so full customization of yoru mobile site from your PC is not available.

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Slow & Limited, Member eatdrums

It took forever for my weather to load. It takes less time for my teenage daughter to get ready for...anything than to add content. The content which does load, is very limited.

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