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How to Use Skweezer


How to Use Skweezer
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Have you ever visited a website on your mobile only to find all the content too cluttered together to make any sense out of the site? Have you ever wondered how to view websites on mobile devices without all the clutter? Have you ever wanted to search for websites using a search engine that would only show mobile-friendly websites?

Skweezer is your answer. Skweezer acts as a proxy for websites by downloading and reformatting the website to fit the smaller display of your mobile device. This makes Skweezer a great utility for browsing websites that do not have mobile versions.

To use Skweezer, you should direct your mobile web browser to "http://www.skweezer.com". You will be greeted with a menu that will allow you to browse the web or search for a website.

If you already know the website you want to view on your mobile device, choose option [3] Browse the Web and follow the directions for viewing a website on a mobile device.

If you don't know the exact website, choose option [1] Web Search and follow the directions for searching for websites on a mobile device.

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