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What is Google Maps Navigation?

What is Google Maps Navigation?


Google Maps Navigation provides free turn-by-turn navigation to popular smartphones.

Image of Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation is a GPS navigation application for smartphones that provides turn-by-turn voice guidance. Using the smartphones Internet connection, Google Maps Navigation not only displays the latest maps, but can also provide traffic conditions and allow users to voice search by name of business.

And the best part about Google Maps Navigation is the price tag. The ad-supported software is completely free. This is a whopper of a deal compared to the $99.99 that TomTom's turn-by-turn car navigation system costs on the Apple iPhone.

Google Maps Navigation Features

  • Search by business or even business type. You don't need to know the exact address. You can search for a business by name, or even a type of business like "Italian restaurant".
  • Traffic updates. You can see the current traffic conditions along your route based on an on-screen indicator that glows green, yellow or red.
  • Satellite view. You can view your route overlaid with a 3D satellite image.
  • Street View. One of the handy uses of Street View is the ability to check out the surroundings of your destination, giving you visual clues to when you arrive. This is made easier by its integration in Google Maps Navigation.
  • Voice search. Changing destination mid-route? No need to get dangerous by typing while driving. You can do a voice search for your destination.
  • Search along route. Need a restroom break? Is your car running on fumes? You can easily search for businesses along your route.

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