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How to Use Facebook Timeline


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Use the Timeline Menu Bar to Customize Your Personal Timeline
How to Use Facebook Timeline
Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

The introduction of the Facebook Timeline profile layout has been the one of the biggest changes that has been launched on the social network over its existing years. Considering the fact that Facebook Timeline is extremely different from the personal profiles we’re all used to, there’s no shame in feeling a little bit lost in how to use it.

This slideshow will guide you through the major features of Facebook Timeline.

Your Timeline Menu Bar

The menu bar on the right side of your Timeline lists the years and recent months you’ve been active on Facebook. You can scroll down and fill in your Timeline to display any major experiences that happened during those time periods.

At the top, you should notice a horizontal menu bar appear with the options to add a status, photo, place or life event. You can use these to fill in your Timeline.

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