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Using Facebook to Go Viral

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Spreading Viral Content on Facebook


Using Facebook to Go Viral
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Facebook is one of the largest and most-used social networks on the Internet. For many brands and businesses, it’s an integral part of their marketing, customer service and retention strategies.

Considering how many users are active on Facebook, it’s a very real possibility that what you share could be classified as “viral” content. Although creating super viral content is difficult to do, the connections we have on Facebook make it easier to spread the message.

Think Facebook is a great tool to make something go viral? You’re definitely on the righ track. Here are a few tips to help your viral campaign along on Facebook.

Increase Your Number of Friends or Likes

Depending on whether or not you want to make something go viral on your own personal Facebook profile or Facebook page, it’s pretty obvious that you’re likely to have more success if you have a large number of friends or likes.

In other words, the more friends or like you have, the more eyeballs your shared content will receive. If a piece of content you share is worth of going viral, your friends or fans might decide to share it with their own networks.

Share Interesting Stuff

If you want something to go viral on Facebook, it needs to be unique and different from anything you could find anywhere else online. It should also preferably evoke the emotions. People tend to instantly want to share content when they’ve been moved emotionally by something they’ve seen on social media.

It’s not easy to create viral-worthy content that’s so different from the norm. If you can create something that’s extremely funny, controversial or weird, you’ll have a better chance of seeing people from your network pushing that piece of content along to their own networks.

Share Photos

The Facebook platform has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years, and one of the most useful but overlooked changes include the photo sharing feature. In the news feed, photos now appear very large and prominent in comparison to shared links and status updates.

People scrolling through their Facebook feed are more likely to notice a photo rather than a link or a regular status update. In fact, a lot of businesses post a large and interesting photo with the link to their article in the description in order to get more interaction on Facebook.

Share Videos

Photos do extremely well on Facebook, and so do videos. Videos are some of the most shared forms of content on Facebook.

If the piece of viral content you’re trying to promote is a video, Facebook is a good tool to use to pass the message along. Remember that it still has to be interesting for it to get any shares from people in your network.

Launch a Contest, Discount or Special Offer

This strategy is mostly used by marketers and businesses with Facebook pages, and it’s a proven strategy trend that often works. If you want people to share your content or like your page, you can bribe them with something they want.

It’s not usually a technique used by some of the golden and accidental viral trendsetters like Psy from Gangnam Style or Rebecca Black from the Friday music video, but it’s definitely something you could consider if you really have your heart set on making something go viral.

Learn from the Facebook Pros

Spend some time observing what some of the big Facebook users share to get tones of likes, shares and comments. Again, you may notice that photos and videos are king when it comes to sharing on Facebook.

To get started, we recommend maybe checking out the BuzzFeed Facebook page, Ray William Johnson’s Facebook page. And how about the About.com Web Trends Facebook page while you’re at it? We'll see you there!

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