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How To Add a Widget to your Tagged Profile


The cyber-pet widget can be customized by pet type so that you can have a cat, dog or even scissors floating around on your Tagged profile.

The cyber-pet widget is a great addition to your Tagged profile. (Image of the Widgetbox cyber-pet widget)

One of the neat things about Tagged is just how easy it is to customize your profile by adding a widget. Not only can you easily add a widget you find on someone else's profile, you can also hunt for your own custom widget to make your Tagged profile really special and unique.

Widgetbox is one of the leaders in web widgets. With over 80,000 different widgets, there is a lot of variety to choose from. You can choose an arcade game widget, a scrolling textbar or even a virtual pet.

The following instructions will take you through adding a Widgetbox widget to your Tagged profile:

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Go to the Widgetbox website (http://www.widgetbox.com).

  2. Search for a widget by typing a keyword into the search box or browsing by tag. If you are new to Widgetbox, it is best to just search by tag and scroll through the popular widgets.

    For a good example of a widget, try finding the cyber-pet widget. You can search for it by typing in 'cyber-pet' or find it by clicking on the 'fun' tag.

  3. Once you have located your widget, click on its name to begin customizing it. Each widget has different options that you can customize such as height, width and background or border color.

    The cyber-pet also lets you choose the type of pet (bunny, kitten or even a spider), the name of the pet and your name as its adopter.

  4. When you have finished customizing the widget, click on the "Get Widget" button. This will lead you to a menu giving you choices of different destinations. Click on the "More" button and choose "Embed Code".

    Tip: You can also get the embed code by clicking on the button labeled ">" on the main widget page.

  5. After it shows you the embed code, click on the "copy" button to copy the code to your clipboard.

  6. Now that you have your widget on your clipboard, you need to paste it into your Tagged profile. To do this, go to the Tagged website (http://www.tagged.com) and click on "Profile" from the menu. (If you are not logged in, you will need to do so to access your profile.)

  7. On your profile page, click where it says "Add a Widget". This should be near the top of your profile.

  8. On the Add a Widget page, click the "Enter Code" button on the left. It is the last button in the list.

  9. This page will say "Enter Code" and give you a text box to enter the code into. Just click inside of the textbox so that the cursor is blinking and then choose Edit-Paste from your web browser menu.

  10. Click on the Done button. This will take you back to your profile with your widget being displayed. (If you chose the cyber-pet, you will see your new pet playing in your profile.)

  11. Congratulations on spicing up your Tagged profile with a widget! But you don't have to limit yourself to just one, so get over to Widgetbox and search for some more goodies.

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