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How To Copy Widget Code In Two Easy Steps


How To Copy Widget Code In Two Easy Steps

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The hardest part of putting a widget on your personal website, start page, or blog is finding the widget. Once that is accomplished, the process of copying the widget to the clipboard and pasting it into your website or blog is relatively simple.

This is how to get the widget's code to the clipboard:

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Using your mouse, highlight the widget's source code. This can be achieved by using the mouse to click before the first letter at the beginning of the code block and, while holding the mouse button down, moving the mouse to just after the last letter at the end of the code block.

  2. When the code is highlighted, you can copy it to the clipboard by going to your browser's menu, choosing "Edit" and then choosing "Copy" from the drop down menu.

    You can also copy the code to the clipboard by holding down the control key (marked "CTRL" on your keyboard) and typing "C".

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