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What and Who Is 'Horse ebooks' on Twitter?

A Brief Look at the Twitter Spambot and Internet Phenomenon, Horse ebooks


What and Who Is 'Horse ebooks' on Twitter?
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You may or may not have seen at least one person retweet a popular account called “Horse ebooks.” The twitter handle is @Horse_ebooks.

Believe it or not, Horse ebooks is one of the most popular accounts on Twitter. As of November 2012, it has over 128,000 followers and nearly every single one of its tweets gets at least 100+ retweets and favorites each.

But unlike the most popular celebrities and high profile individuals that get the most interaction on Twitter, Horse ebooks is not even a real person. He’s not a horse either.

What Is Horse ebooks?

Horse ebooks is a spam Twitter account. Although the account was set up by a person, the person configured the account so it would automatically scrape random phrases and words from a selection of ebooks and post them to Twitter randomly throughout the day.

Horse ebooks’ automatic tweets often sound like complete nonsense and are usually pretty hilarious to come across in your Twitter feed.

The Best of Horse ebooks

Horse ebooks has a ton of priceless tweets, and you can check out just a few of them below. If you want more, take a look at Horse ebooks’ Favstar page, which shows the tweets that got the most interaction.

“Hello Milk,”

“Dear Reader, You are reading”

“Some people think French kissing is no big deal. It s just like a regular kiss, but with a little added tongue-action. That s dead wrong.”

“Everything happens so much”

“Worms – oh my god WORMS”

“Crying is great exercise”

Who Is Behind the Horse ebooks Account on Twitter?

Whoever set up the Horse ebooks account was looking to make money. He (or she) set it up, put a link to an ebooks site in the profile and decided to automate the entire account, hoping to attract affiliate sales from anyone that might be strangely inclined to buy a horse ebook after reading any one of the cryptic tweets. The individual who set up the account may not have had the best web marketing skills, but they definitely managed to make quite a dent on the web—for completely different reasons, of course.

All credit goes to Adrian Chen of Gawker for figuring out who was behind the Horse ebooks Twitter account. He wrote an insanely detailed and brilliant article on how he was able to track down the person behind Horse ebooks.

I recommend taking the time to read it. It’s very long, but worth the read—epsecially if you’re a hardcore Horse ebooks fan and you’ve been following the account for a while.

According to Chen, who seriously did an incredible job at tracking this guy down, the person who set up the Horse ebooks Twitter account was a 30-something year-old web developer from Russia named Alexey Kouznetsov.

Chen said that he tried messaging Alexey on Facebook, but never got a response. Who knows if he’s even aware of how popular the account became on Twitter, or if he even checks it periodically to see what kind of interaction it’s getting.

The Web Falls in Love with Horse ebooks

For many of us, Horse ebooks holds a special place in our hearts. Just when we least expect it, Horse ebooks tweets the most random, craziest, funniest thing that literally has the power to make us laugh out loud.

Despite the spambot’s quick rise to Internet fame, not everybody online understands why it grew so popular. While some just see it as sporadic and unappealing jibberish, other see it as an awkwardly brilliant and golden source of web humor.

Horse ebooks has its own Wikipedia page, its own Facebook Page (made by a fan) and its own meme page on Know Your Meme. It’s probably safe to say that Horse ebooks is the only spammer that the social web can’t seem to live without.

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