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What is a Subtweet?

Understanding the Meaning of "Subtweet"


What is a Subtweet?
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On Twitter, we've got hashtags and retweets and really funny parody accounts... but have you heard of subtweets? If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, you probably have. And if you don't know what a subtweet is, you've probably already seen at least without even knowing it was a subtweet.

So, What Exactly is a Subtweet?

"Subtweet" is short form "subliminal tweet." Put simply, it's a tweet about somebody that doesn't actually mention their @username or name in general.

With subtweets, the goal is to be able to say something about a person without them ever knowing you tweeted about them. Of course, subtweets are most useful if you've got something negative to say about somebody, or if you admire somebody and are too shy to let them know.

Whether you call it Twitter gossip or tweeting behind somebody's back, it's become pretty popular as Twitter has grown into a preferred medium to share things and have conversations -- even if that means getting something off your chest about a certain somebody.

Subtweet Examples

If you wanted somebody to see your critical tweet, you might say:

I do not agree with @username's opinion about cupcakes.

But if you wanted to turn that into a subtweet so that the person you're referring to doesn't see you tweeting about them, you have the following two options.

You could still use their name but just not include their @username Twitter handle by saying:

I do not agree with username's opinion about cupcakes.

Or, you could add even more mystery to your tweet by completely leaving out the person's name and replacing it with a more vague description, such as:

There's a guy that I follow who just shared his opinion on cupcakes, and I do not agree with him.

And there you have it. It's a pretty simple concept to understand, and it's become a pretty standard trend in Twitter or even social media culture.

Tip: As always, be careful what you post on Twitter. Just because you don't mention a person's name doesn't mean they absolutely won't see what you tweet!

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