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What is Pheed?

Introducing the Hot New Social Network That Could Be "The Next Twitter"


What is Pheed?
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There’s yet another new social network in town, and word on the street is that it could be the next big thing.

After just three months on the web, social network savvy teens propelled the Pheed app to the top of charts in the iTunes App Store at number one, even before Facebook and Twitter. In the app description, it says Pheed is being called “The New Twitter” by some reviewers.

Is it a fad, or is it the real deal? Let’s take a look at what this shiny, new trend is all about.

Pheed: It’s Like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram All Rolled into One

There’s no easier way to explain it, and if you’re familiar with Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and Instagram, you’ll know what I mean. It’s a place for you to post content like photos, audio tracks, text, videos or broadcasts so they’re displayed in a continuous feed to followers.

Users have their own profile, which displays all the activity they post, and a main feed that displays all the activity from the users they follow. I’d say it functions almost identically to Tumblr, except Pheed has a unique filtering feature that Tumblr doesn’t have.

At the top of your main feed, you can select icons to show activity posted for just photos, or just videos, or just text and so on. Filtering activity according to content type is actually a really nice touch that Tumblr would be really smart to implement as well.

Pheed Lets You Monetize the Content You Post

Get this: Pheed actually lets you copyright any content shared (if you want it copyrighted) and will let you charge a price of any amount from $1.99 to $34.99 per view or $1.99 to $34.99 per month. Any money earned is split 50/50 with Pheed.

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    There’s also an option to brand your content with a watermark. Nifty, right?
  • What Sets Pheed Apart from All the Other Social Networks?

    According to the creators of Pheed, the new social network is supposed to be “a new way to express yourself.” That doesn’t exactly say much about how different it is, but for an all-in-one social network that offers all the functionality of almost every major social network that’s popular right now, it has a lot of potential.  

    Pheed is apparently fueled by most celebrities and teens who are interested in following or viewing celeb content. Eventually, Pheed could turn into the number one spot online where users can subscribe to celebrity feeds for a premium to get access to higher quality, “must-have” stuff like new music tracks, exclusive video blogs and more.

    Getting Started with Pheed

    You can sign up for a free Pheed account through Facebook, Twitter or with a regular email address. When I signed up through Twitter, my profile picture, name, bio and even my Twitter background was transferred straight to Pheed, which was pretty handy.

    Pheed will ask you to follow at least three users before you can move on. Those users’ posts will show up in your main feed on the homepage when you’re signed in to your account.

    You can use Pheed via the web or you can download the app for your iOS device from the iTunes App Store. It’s free, and has a very intuitive user interface similar to Instagram or Tumblr. An Android app is supposedly in the works and should be released to be downloaded from the Google Play Store very soon.

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