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We've entered the next stage of Internet evolution: the mobile web. People are increasingly accessing the web from their smartphones and tablet computers. It's a bit of a different experience compared to surfing the web on a computer, but About.com Web Trends has you covered. Check out the articles in the subcategories below.
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10 Mobile Web Apps for Summer
Summer is arguably the most active and fun-filled season for people who are ready to take some much-needed vacation time off work. And what could be better than spending this time planning a great trip, getting outdoors, relaxing at the beach or hosting a barbecue? It’s time to get off the couch, kiss your television set goodbye and start taking advantage of what the warm and sunny weather has to offer. All you really need is your smartphone and access to the web to start planning your next summer adventure.

How Mobile Video Became the Next Big Thing
In 2012, online video accounted for 51 percent of all consumer web traffic, making it the most significant year yet for online video consumption. Although we’ve been using popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and Hulu for years, only now are we really beginning to see a big shift in how and from where consumers are watching videos online. Nearly half of all tablet owners and 20 percent of smartphone users are watching video content from their devices, suggesting that online video is quietly emerging from the depths of the traditional web and slowly creeping its way on to our mobile devices.

What is Instagram Direct?
Instagram Direct is a private messaging feature for the popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram. Although Instagram has been around since 2010, no private messaging was available on the platform until Instagram Direct was finally launched in December 2013. If you wanted to contact another user, you could only do so by commenting on one of their photos or tagging them in a comment on another photo.

Get on the Popular Page on Instagram

Make a Recipe with IFTTT
IFTTT is an amazing Internet service that lets you build your own web-based actions to help automate and simplify your life.

10 Popular Mobile Gaming App Trends
You don't have to be considered a geek or a hardcore gamer to be sucked in by the colorful graphics and amusing entertainment of the latest popular mobile gaming app that everyone's talking about. The mobile web is still quite new in the Internet age, but already we've seen some massive gaming trends explode both in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

How to Use Instagram Direct
If you're already on Instagram, chances are you've heard about Instagram Direct -- its new built-in private messaging feature. Of course, if you're not familiar, here's a brief explanation of what Instagram Direct really is in a nutshell.

10 of the Hottest Social Apps for Teens
Social networking isn't what it was just 10 years ago. Gone are the days when MySpace and Facebook ruled the web. Now, practically everyone's gone mobile, with real-time photo and video sharing becoming the big trend that people are most excited about -- especially teenagers.

Instagram Weekday Hashtags
Instagram is great for sharing tons of photos with your friends when you're on the go, but some people will use almost any excuse to post photos and engage with other users. Trendy hashtags are great way to do that.

Make Personalized Comics with the Free Bitstrips Comic Builder App
Bitstrips is a very popular comic builder app that people are using to create funny cartoons of themselves and tell stories about their lives through personalized web comics. Since all the tools are already provided for you, along with a wide range of scenes to choose from, making your own characters and building your comic is actually very easy.

Whisper App Lets You Share Anonymous Confessions Online
Ever posted a Facebook status update or a tweet on Twitter and then later regretted it? With so many social networking sites and apps out there along with the pressure to share every aspect of our lives online with our friends, it's no surprise that over-sharing is becoming more of a problem these days.

10 Popular and Free Instant Messaging Apps
SMS text messaging is a great and all, but why pay for something when you can get almost the exact same experience (or better) with a free instant messaging app? According to a 2013 article published by The Next Web, the number of SMS text messages we send each day is declining slightly each year, suggesting that mobile instant messaging apps are taking its place.

All About Snapchat Trends
Snapchat is an instant messaging app that seems as if it came out of nowhere and took the smartphone-addicted world by storm. It's one of the most popular apps that teens and young adults are using these days to get in touch and chat back and forth with one another.

Using the 'We Heart It' Image-sharing App

What Is Tinder?
Tinder is a popular social networking and online dating app that basically uses your Facebook account and location data to match you up with other users in your area.

10 Cloud-based Apps for Creating To-do Lists
The traditional pen-to-paper list or post-it note has inspired a lot of developers to come up with a variety of cloud-based platforms and mobile apps. Check them out.

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