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Internet Addiction

Nobody likes to admit that they're addicted to the Internet. We're so plugged in all the time that we barely realize we can't go five minutes without checking our phones. Browse through the information below to explore the growing trend of "Internet addiction."

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Break from the Internet
About.com Web Trends focuses on showing you all the cool websites, apps and trends that you can use online, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the need to completely unplug every once in a while. Going offline for at least 24 hours can give you a big refreshment boost, so it’s highly recommended. If you find it hard to step away from the...

What is a Selfie?
Social media and the mobile web has given rise to a strange phenomenon called the selfie. But not everyone is familiar with the term, so here’s a brief definition. Selfie: A picture of yourself, usually shared on any social networking website. That’s it, really. But there’s so much more meaning behind why we do it, and why it’s become such a massive trend.

Kicking Your Facebook Addiction
Facebook addiction wasn’t much of a thing in the past, mainly because of its smaller size and the fact that it was only accessible on a regular computer. Now, we carry our connection to this massive social networking site everywhere with us on our smartphones—and even when we’re not staring down at our phone screens, we’ve got thousands of advertisers on television, in magazines and on product packaging now telling everyone to “like us on Facebook.”

Stop Procrastinating on the Internet

'FOMO' Acronym Meaning

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