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Transformation Tuesday Meaning


Transformation Tuesday Meaning
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Transformation Tuesday is a popular trend and hashtag (#TransformationTuesday) people use on Instagram.

On Tuesdays, users are encouraged to post “transformational” photos of themselves along with the hashtag in the description. A lot of people create them in the form of a “before and after” photo, often using photo collage maker apps to break up the photo into two parts so that one side shows the before photo and the other side shows the after photo.

The “transformation” part of the trend is totally up to how you interpret it. Some people post photos of themselves when they were children alongside a photo of them all grown up.

Others will share transformations of their own fitness achievements, makeup or fashion makeovers, or current day selfies paired up with past taken selfies. Basically, if you can communicate the message that something or someone in the photo has changed or “transformed” over time, it qualifies as a good Transformation Tuesday post.

The Transformation Tuesday trend is catching up to the popularity of Throwback Thursday on Instagram. Both trends give users a good excuse to post more selfies, and we’re starting to see hashtag trends like these slowly make their way to other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

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