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What is Evernote?

Introducing You to One of the Best Tools on the Web for Staying Organized


What is Evernote?
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We do a lot of our work on computers these days. We carry our smartphones with us everywhere. We’re addicted to checking our email. We live in a world dominated by information So isn’t it about time we all start using an all-in-one tool that to help us create and organize all of that information?

For many, Evernote has become the ultimate notetaking and archiving tool of choice when it comes to getting things done. If you use more than one computer or mobile device on a daily basis, Evernote may be something you should seriously consider checking out.

What Exactly is Evernote?

Evernote is a cloud-based software service meant for creating, organizing and storing various pieces of media. Whether it’s a text document, a photo, a video, an audio file or even a webpage, Evernote keeps all of your stuff stored up in cloud through your very own personal Evernote account.

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Why Use Evernote?

Evernote is useful for both personal and professional aspects of your life. If you use a computer at work and a computer at home, accessing files from either machine through Evernote is much easier than emailing it to yourself or saving it to a USB every time you update it. Evernote automatically syncs everything up between your devices whenever you upload something new or make any changes to your notes or files.

You can use Evernote for something as simple as a shopping list, which you could create on a computer and later access from your smartphone when you’re shopping. Alternatively, you could use Evernote for business purposes by sharing files and collaborating on projects with colleagues.

Evernote on Your Computer/Mobile Device

Since the goal of Evernote is to sync up all your stuff in the cloud and made it accessible no matter where you’re accessing it from, the makers of the service had to make sure it worked on every major platform.

It’s available for any device running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Android, Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone and WebOS.

Evernote Basics

If you’re still a little confused and note quite sure how you might use this tool, here’s a short break down of some of its major features, which may be able to help paint a better picture for you in terms of how you be able use it.

Notes: Notes are the pieces of information you keep in Evernote. As mentioned above, that note could come in the form of a written document, a photo or anything else.

Notebooks: Notebooks are comparable to folders. You can keep a collection of notes in your notebooks and keep them organized in groups.

Tags: Tags are another helpful way to organize and quickly locate one or many nots of a particular topic. Simply enter a keyword tag in the tag section of your note for easy access.

Atlas: If you allow Evernote to access your location, it will geocode your notes for you on a number of interactive maps. This is useful if you travel a lot or need to attach certain photos or documents to specific locations.

Trunk: The trunk shows you all the other tools available, along with some starter resources for users new to Evernote. This is the place to go if you want to know exactly how to use Evernote features correctly.

Web Clipper: This is a really neat little tool. It’s basically a bookmarking tool to help you save webpages by letting it access your web browser data and tab activity. Everything is connected to your Evernote account and you can even browse through your own notes with the web clipper.

Free Evernote vs. Premium Evernote

Evernote is truly an amazing piece of software, and you can do just fine with the free version. In fact, the free version may just have all that you really need. It comes with everything discussed above.

There is, however, a premium option that offers you larger upload capacity, better options for sharing, access to history of your notes, an option to search for PDFs, no advertisements and lots more other great stuff. There’s also a complete business version of Evernote for professionals who want to take collaboration to the next level with the help of great web technology.

If you end up using the free version nearly every day like I do, it may be worth the upgrade. To find out more about Evernote or to download it for yourself, check out Evernote.com.

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