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Social Shopping - What is Social Shopping?
What is social shopping explains the key elements of shopping 2.0 from product wikis to shopping social networks.
Social Shopping - 7 Essential Social Shopping Websites
Seven essential social shopping websites for those new to social shopping that want to explore a world of web-based window-shopping, product reviews, hints ...
Social Shopping - The Top Social Shopping Sites
Jan 9, 2008 ... Social shopping is one of the most recent trends to come from the social explosion of Web 2.0. The top social shopping sites are those websites ...
Social Shopping Definition: How It Differs From Social Commerce
Social shopping is a phrase denoting the use of social networks and media in shopping online. Learn how it's growing and how social shopping fits into the ...
Social Commerce Guide: Top Social Shopping Types and Tools
The Social Commerce Guide provides an introduction to the top social shopping categories and sites.
Social Commerce Directory: Your Guide to Social Shopping
Social commerce is a type of electronic commerce in which retailers and shoppers both employ social media tools and technologies to allow people to share ...
Applying Social Media Strategies Into Your Ecommerce Business
When speaking to the owners of ecommerce sites, I am amazed by how often they confuse between social marketing and social shopping. While both should be ...
Groupon - Profile of Groupon, a Local Social Shopping Phenomenon
Groupon is a local social shopping site that offers deep discounts to users. Learn more about Groupon and how you can use it to save on local services, items, ...
What is Polyvore: Review of a Popular Social Shopping Network
Polyvore is a popular social shopping service that started in 2007 and represents a blend of a social network and digital fashion magazine. The site is especially ...
Social Shopping - ThisNext - A Review of ThisNext
A review of the social shopping website ThisNext including what's to like and where ThisNext could be improved.
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