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Elise Moreau

Elise Moreau

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Elise has been following online trends since the early 2000s. Her interest in web trends grew stronger during her university years while studying business and information technology.

The web moves insanely fast, and she's always been fascinated by looking at how people create, spread and consume information with whatever site or tool that might be popular at the moment before moving on to the next big trend.


Elise started working professionally with web-based technologies nearly eight years ago. She got her foot in the door by helping to develop and coordinate a customer loyalty marketing strategy for Carrot.org as part of the Incu-Tech Programme with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. Shortly after that, Elise went on to work in tech and billing support for a webhosting company before pursuing more entrepreneurial and freelancing roles in other tech-based and web trendy projects. She’s provided consulting and web marketing services to small businesses, written for prominent technology websites like Slashgear and Techvibes, interviewed part of the integrated solutions sales lead team from Google Canada and even got to meet some of YouTube’s most successful content partners. She has been mentioned by or linked to from CNN.com, the Huffington Post, PandoDaily, Smashing Magazine and others.


Elise attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where she obtained a bachelor of commerce degree in business and information technology. She also has a post-graduate diploma in small business entrepreneurship from George Brown College.

By Elise Moreau:

Out of all the trendy web-based services and tools we have today, I'd have to say that Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Evernote, Vimeo, Dropbox, Rdio and Songza are by far my favorite ones to use. I think I use most of them nearly every single day -- for work and for leisure.

It's totally amazing to watch the wall between the web and everyday life grow thinner as new technologies emerge and transform the way we enhance productivity and communicate with one another. I really look forward to introducing these emerging trends and showing them how they can find new ways to connect with the most important people in their lives, work more effectively, save time and have fun with technology.

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