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Daniel Nations

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Daniel Nations is a freelance writer and programmer who specializes in Visual Basic, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and sometimes adverbs. He is also well-versed in ASP, AJAX, Javascript and an occasional attempt at alliteration.


In addition to his work at About.com, Daniel has been an analyst, programmer, and database guru at various companies during his career. Before deciding to become a freelance programmer and writer, Daniel was the Manager of Research and Development at a prominent financial institution in Dallas, TX.

By Daniel Nations:

I received my first computer -- a Commodore Vic-20 with a whopping 5k of memory -- when I was fourteen. I quickly taught myself to program on it, and I have been watching the computer industry like a hawk ever since.

The Internet has really grown since the days I used to sign on to chat relays in the late '80's, and I am committed to not just help people become more productive with the new Web 2.0 tools out there, but also have more fun by discovering really interesting new websites.

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